Let’s Decode The Crio Winter Of Doing!

Deeksha Sharma
3 min readJan 21, 2021



In this article, I’ll be sharing my experience with Crio Winter Of Doing, which inspired and made me believe in doing!

What Actually Crio Winter Of Doing Is?
Crio Winter Of Doing(CWOD) is India’s largest tech externship program for developers organized by Crio.Do. It’s a program which will show you the power of learning along with doing .Most of us are of the mindset that “First I’ll learn all the concepts by watching and then I’ll move on doing”.But CWOD showed me the magic of reverse approach i.e learning by doing.It’s one of the programs which will never let you stuck in the tutorial hell.

Now I’m sure you all have heard about internship and now u will be thinking What Are Externships?

So Externships are :

  • experiential learning opportunities, similar to internships, but these are shorter and part-time, provided in partnership with tech companies.
  • Crio Winter of Doing externships are a great opportunity for us to solve real-world problems in an actual tech startup setting.
  • This year Crio Winter Of Doing is feautring 9 externships with amazing startups like Groww, AWS, Jumbotail, Slice,Cred,vicara, recko.

Now Let’s move on our part i.e what we gonna get from CWOD:

We will get chance to :-

  • Work on challenging tech projects (externships) from exciting startups.
  • Interact with the biggest names in India’s tech industry.
  • Participate in engaging Masterclass sessions from top engineers in the country.
  • Get discovered by Crio’s hiring partners.

And the amazing part is that we gonna get all this for free.It only requires our efforts.So, it’s really a win-win offer for all of us.

CWOD happens in three stages and if you met the deadlines you will be promoted to next stage.


My Experience and Learnings From Crio Winter Of Doing Stage 1

I had a really awesome experience with learningByDoing at CWOD Stage 1.In stage 1 I got introduced to HTTP, REST API, GIT and LINUX. I learnt that how to make comments on youtube, post on linkedin using terminal.It made my all concepts clear about this big buzz term APIs.

It helped me in getting a clear cut picture of what actually happens when I type some url in the google.They organised a walkthrough session for each byte. I got introduced to Cloud with a Cloud 101 Masterclass and a crio learning module on AWS.At last of each byte there were some curious cat questions to answer and they really helped me in keeping my thinking switches on.

After making us prepared with these basic web developer skills they organised a Fullstack dev sprint where I got introduced to Full-Stack development by building a beautiful portfolio for myself, in which I included all my projects using github API.

I learned all this by doing instead of just watching and reading.It really boosted my confidence and made me realise that mind does not grow by just watching someone doing.It expands when we start doing!Most amazing part here is that whenever I felt stuck a community is there to help.Just share the part where u are feeling stuck on slack and u will find your friends and mentors helping you.

Wait! They have something more for us.During this program they organised talks with amazing leaders Of the Tech World :


Overall this experience is packed up amazing insights and new learnings. I would like to thank Ajay Ravindra (founder team member at Crio.Do) and Sridher Jeyachandran (co-founder at Crio.Do) and other team mentors for organising such a wonderful program which is packed up with so much learnings.Thanks for reading my first blog on Crio, Hit the clap & here are the references -https://www.crio.do/